Mechanization ensures precision in operation, reduction in time and labour associated with various farm operations. These advantages result in increased yields, better utilization of resources, and hence more profit.

This depends on a few factors such as – the crops you grow, the size of your farm, type of soil, the operations you need to perform, etc. Further, equipments are available for each stage of agriculture process like Power Tiller, Rotavator for land preparation, Rice Transplanter for nursery planting, Power Weeders for weeding, and Reaper for reaping applications, Pumps for irrigation, and the like. If you are unsure about what is right for you, feel free to call our office, where one of our experts can assist you.

Sharp Garuda equipments come with a range of optional ccessories/attachments to suit ones specific needs. Be it ridging, bund forming, or just the need for a garden wheel for better traction, our genuine accessories are designed for maximum efficiency.

Yes, subsidy is available for most of the equipments you buy. The subsidy pattern varies between the states and the type of machine. Please refer to your nearest dealer for more details. This is Applicable only for India.

The availability of subsidy is totally dependent on the Government Departments and the schemes available. Please contact your nearest dealer for more details.

Often, the reason for much of the faults is negligence. Knowing the limits of your machine, along with having the periodical maintenance carried out at specified intervals will greatly increase its life. Follow a routine every day before starting the machine, where you check the machine for oil leaks, level of oil in the air filter, engine oil level (via dipstick), check for tightness of tyne carriers, and v-belt tension. If you notice any abnormalities, with smoke levels, noise or any of the above, please consult with your nearest authorized dealer.

All Sharp Garuda products are covered for warranty repair to the original purchaser under normal use and maintenance during the warranty period when accompanied with a proof of purchase. In case you discover a fault in the product, stop using the product at once and contact an authorized Sharp Garuda dealer immediately. Deliver it in the condition in which the product was at the moment of occurrence of the fault.

To know more about the conditions of warranty for your machine, please refer to the Warranty Policy.